Buffett’s Warning: Earnings Estimates and Forward-looking Statements

WASHINGTON, DC, USA – SEPTEMBER 4, 1991 Rob Crandall / Shutterstock.com  Investing Pioneer – 4:35 PM EST – 1/27/2023 Short-term thinking can be the root of eventual failure or sub-par performance for any venture. Public companies are no expectation. In the last few years, Buffett has called on companies to stop short-term guidance statements, by […]

Dealing with Mistakes

Making mistakes in the world of investing is normal for all levels of expertise. The mistakes may have been within the bounds of the investment strategy, negating the argument that any fundamental problem  may have been at hand. In that context, its even possible there is a relatively low possibility of any net marked improvement. […]

The Future of Namibia: Oil Boom?

Investing Pioneer – 1/12/2023 For the country of Namibia – as with all countries of similar standing – uncovering a substantial resource (oil, gas, etc.) of recoverable and commercial potential can be enough to permanently alter the economic evolution of the nation, presumably for the better. The prime example used to indicate the positive side: […]

White House says the U.S. will use available tools to disrupt the Iran-Russia relationship.

USA, Iran and Russia flag together on a textured wall – Shutterstock Investing Pioneer – 12:00 PM EST – 12/14/2022  Recent technological advancements in military technology means some countries are trying to extend their geo-political influence or secure a seat in a world where expansionist wars and operations such as the invasion of Ukraine succeed. […]

Russia Boosts Natural Gas Exports to China to New Highs

The power of Siberia, gas pipeline | Shutterstock Investing Pioneer – 10:05 PM  EST – 12/10/2022   Despite the frequently fraught nature of their geopolitical relationship, Europe had long been dependent on Russia for a steady supply of natural gas. This reliance means that any sudden disruption in gas deliveries could have a destabilizing effect […]

Sovereign Debt: History and Consequences of Excessive Debt

  Sovereign debt, the lifeblood of nations throughout history, must not exceed the country’s ability to service and repay it. Often in the form of bonds, investors and nations provide currency to the government in exchange for bond certificates ensuring repayment plus interest. During times of crisis or need, bonds can be crucial for ensuring […]

The Fall of Crypto: A Silver Lining for Precious Metals

Investing Pioneer  – 11:01 PM EST –  12/8/2022 Cryptocurrencies – digital currencies meant to be an alternative to currencies decreed by governments or central planners – have experienced some of the highest concentration of speculative rallies and crashes in the past decade, mostly since 2016 or so. For speculative rallies in financial markets to occur […]

US Credit Card Debt Rises as Savings Tumble

Investing Pioneer – 1:45 PM EST – 12/8/2022 Revolving credit, or credit card use, has been growing in the US economy.  While economists say it is not a direct threat to the financial system, it can serve as a litmus test for debt risks.  High levels of revolving credit can be a red flag for […]

German food inflation marches higher – jumping to 21% (YoY) for the month of November

Investing Pioneer – November 30, 2022 Inflation in Germany is still going strong. The German food CPI jumped to 21% (YoY) for November, making it the highest food price inflation reading yet. Looking at other major European countries, Spain and Italy’s reading is 16% and 14% respectively. Markedly lower, though still high. Despite this, the […]