The Social Value of Investing and Building a Valuable Resource

Investing Pioneer As a follow up to the last article, the net value over the long run of, lets say, the stream of informational/educational content on this website related to capital allocation (like buying shares), could potentially derive from a somewhat counter-cyclical consideration at times. Meaning, if trends in the markets arise, such as, say, a […]

The Pursuit of Outperformance

Investing Pioneer In providing content that may assist in improving your abilities concerning investing, I must say something is “missing” to a degree, that might be useful to acknowledge. For those who teach about, say, general personal finance (or better yet, non finance topics like engineering), they can say their underlying goal is to make […]

Is Investing in the Stock Market a Zero-Sum Game?

“My guiding principle is that prosperity can be shared. We can create wealth together. The global economy is not a zero-sum game.” -Julia Gillard Investing Pioneer  – 04/18/2023 – 12:50 PM EDT A zero-sum game is one in which there are an equal amount of winners and losers. If someone makes $1,000,000, someone else lost […]

Massachusetts Stimulus Checks and (62F) Tax Refunds

Stimulus and rebates on the way? Investing Pioneer  – 04/15/2023 – 9:00 PM EST Chapter 62F, a Massachusetts law established in 1986, requires the Department of Revenue to issue a credit directly back to taxpayers if overall tax revenue “exceed[s] an annual cap tied to wage and salary growth in the commonwealth”. (Source) The following […]

Wealth Destruction in Times of Crisis: What It Is and What It Means

Investing Pioneer –  1/30/2023 – 1:28 PM EST As we enter the approaching economic storm, discussing the following concept I think is timely. The concept is wealth destruction. Take FTX. It went from the market valuing the assets at billions of dollars to a dissolution much faster than it was created. When value is destroyed, […]

Buffett’s Warning: Earnings Estimates and Forward-looking Statements

WASHINGTON, DC, USA – SEPTEMBER 4, 1991 Rob Crandall /  Investing Pioneer – 4:35 PM EST – 1/27/2023 Short-term thinking can be the root of eventual failure or sub-par performance for any venture. Public companies are no expectation. In the last few years, Buffett has called on companies to stop short-term guidance statements, by […]

Russia Boosts Natural Gas Exports to China to New Highs

The power of Siberia, gas pipeline | Shutterstock Investing Pioneer – 10:05 PM  EST – 12/10/2022   Despite the frequently fraught nature of their geopolitical relationship, Europe had long been dependent on Russia for a steady supply of natural gas. This reliance means that any sudden disruption in gas deliveries could have a destabilizing effect […]

The Fall of Crypto: A Silver Lining for Precious Metals

Investing Pioneer  – 11:01 PM EST –  12/8/2022 Cryptocurrencies – digital currencies meant to be an alternative to currencies decreed by governments or central planners – have experienced some of the highest concentration of speculative rallies and crashes in the past decade, mostly since 2016 or so. For speculative rallies in financial markets to occur […]

US Credit Card Debt Rises as Savings Tumble

Investing Pioneer – 1:45 PM EST – 12/8/2022 Revolving credit, or credit card use, has been growing in the US economy.  While economists say it is not a direct threat to the financial system, it can serve as a litmus test for debt risks.  High levels of revolving credit can be a red flag for […]

Is Gold and Silver Price Suppression a Reality?

stock exchange board

Do you question or outright disagree with monetary policy and its potential repercussions for the economy? If you are a precious metals bull, the answer is probably an overwhelming yes. As far as polarizing topics within the gold and financial community go, the question of whether there is a concerted effort to suppress the price […]

How Hyperinflation of the Dollar Could Happen


Could the US Dollar hyperinflate? “If the debt which the banking companies owe be a blessing to anybody, it is to themselves alone, who are realizing a solid interest of eight or ten per cent on it. As to the public, these companies have banished all our gold and silver medium, which, before their institution, […]