White House says the U.S. will use available tools to disrupt the Iran-Russia relationship.

USA, Iran and Russia flag together on a textured wall – Shutterstock Investing Pioneer – 12:00 PM EST – 12/14/2022  Recent technological advancements in military technology means some countries are trying to extend their geo-political influence or secure a seat in a world where expansionist wars and operations such as the invasion of Ukraine succeed. […]

Russia Boosts Natural Gas Exports to China to New Highs

The power of Siberia, gas pipeline | Shutterstock Investing Pioneer – 10:05 PM  EST – 12/10/2022   Despite the frequently fraught nature of their geopolitical relationship, Europe had long been dependent on Russia for a steady supply of natural gas. This reliance means that any sudden disruption in gas deliveries could have a destabilizing effect […]