A Recession Doesn’t Have To Mean Falling Prices

If someone mentions the word recession or depression, one of the first things that comes to mind is deflation, wherein nominal prices decrease. For example, when a $1,000,000 house falls to $650,000. Less common is associating a recession with rising prices.  When this happens in an economy, it’s called stagflation. This is a word that has gained […]

Sovereign Debt: History and Consequences of Excessive Debt

  Sovereign debt, the lifeblood of nations throughout history, must not exceed the country’s ability to service and repay it. Often in the form of bonds, investors and nations provide currency to the government in exchange for bond certificates ensuring repayment plus interest. During times of crisis or need, bonds can be crucial for ensuring […]

The Fall of Crypto: A Silver Lining for Precious Metals

Investing Pioneer  – 11:01 PM EST –  12/8/2022 Cryptocurrencies – digital currencies meant to be an alternative to currencies decreed by governments or central planners – have experienced some of the highest concentration of speculative rallies and crashes in the past decade, mostly since 2016 or so. For speculative rallies in financial markets to occur […]

US Credit Card Debt Rises as Savings Tumble

Investing Pioneer – 1:45 PM EST – 12/8/2022 Revolving credit, or credit card use, has been growing in the US economy.  While economists say it is not a direct threat to the financial system, it can serve as a litmus test for debt risks.  High levels of revolving credit can be a red flag for […]

German food inflation marches higher – jumping to 21% (YoY) for the month of November

Investing Pioneer – November 30, 2022 Inflation in Germany is still going strong. The German food CPI jumped to 21% (YoY) for November, making it the highest food price inflation reading yet. Looking at other major European countries, Spain and Italy’s reading is 16% and 14% respectively. Markedly lower, though still high. Despite this, the […]

Stocks trend lower. Is the bear rally over?

United States Federal Reserve Bank building on Constitution Avenue. WASHINGTON, DC USA https://www.shutterstock.com/g/doganmesut Investing Pioneer – 4:21 PM EST – 11/28/2022 Despite comments from Fed officials indicating continued tightening is likely necessary, and will be pursued to bring inflation down, equity markets have rallied significantly since the start of October. For example, the SPY ETF […]

Saudi Energy Minister denies report claiming potential 500,000 barrel/day increase by OPEC+. Signals potential further reduction of output in the future.

  Investing Pioneer – November 21st – 3:45 PM EST OPEC+ continues a proactive approach to bolster or maintain higher oil prices in the context of a heralded certain recession. Today, November 21st, the Energy Minister of Saudi Arabia, Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman Al-Saud, denied a recent report claiming Saudi Arabia was discussing with other […]

China could be on the brink of war over computer chips. Here’s what it could mean for the economy.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice and should not be construed as such. If you require personalized financial advice, please seek the services of a relevant professional. Investing Pioneer – 6:55 PM EST – 11/17/2022 Preface Major conflicts are an ultimate catalyst and contributor to the unpredictability of economies. At Investing Pioneer (www.investingpioneer.com), when potential […]

The World is Headed For a Recession. Here’s Why it Could be Severe.

Investing Pioneer – 4:16 EST – 11/16/2022 You might be wondering why. Why must “the bubble” pop? (If there even is one.) Why must a recession start? Fair questions. There is one great, yet simple answer: too much debt. The opposite side of debt is credit. Indeed, standard economics apply. You’ve probably heard about, or […]