Increasing productivity and building habits

Business People Diverse Brainstorm Meeting Concept

Investing Pioneer – 4:30 PM EST – 11/29/2022

For decision-making, analysis, or generating good ideas, it is important to determine what methodology works best for you. Then, make it into a habit. Usually, something takes a couple of months, or over a year to become a habit.

The 9-5 workday often breeds inefficiency. It is your goal to maximize efficiency, reflecting the theme of leverage. That is, maximize output relative to the input. In other terms, the 8-hour workday can be condensed into 2 hours of work or, 8 hours can be equivalent to 4 days of work.

Individuals are often unique in how they can function most efficiently (and sustainably). For Pierpont Morgan, according to “The House of Morgan” by Ron Chernow (Page 55), his genius derived from a brief brainstorming, rather than a lengthy analysis (paraphrased). According to Chernow, a lawyer said he had one chief asset, an incredible ability to concentrate for five minutes (paraphrased).

Indeed, successful people may think or function in different ways, if only slightly. The common theme is maximizing one’s strengths and making a habit of what works.

With this, it often serves to not dwell on problems and the decisions that should be made. Take all the steps necessary to ensure that the decision is not brash, and sometimes this can include delaying.

Make sure it is an informed decision and consider consulting with believable people (those who have a track record of success relating specifically to the decision at hand), especially if that is not you.

If you encounter a problem and intend on waiting to deal with it, consider why.