White House says the U.S. will use available tools to disrupt the Iran-Russia relationship.

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Investing Pioneer – 12:00 PM EST – 12/14/2022

 Recent technological advancements in military technology means some countries are trying to extend their geo-political influence or secure a seat in a world where expansionist wars and operations such as the invasion of Ukraine succeed. This includes drone technologies. As of late, some have become increasingly affordable to produce. Since 2017, the number of producing countries has almost tripled (from 9 to at least 24). (1) 

As the US continues an effort to induce global isolation of Russia (most importantly on the fronts of energy and military), it has been said Iran has supplied drones to Russia. Furthermore, they are accused of strengthening military relationships with Russia since the start of the Ukraine war. 

Now, Iran and Russia are claimed to be considering a joint production of lethal drones. US officials have said this is a violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions.

 This represents an opportunist grab by Iran to extend potential geopolitical and militaristic influence. If the United States becomes more “protectionist” (as it is said) in industry, to what degree that could extend to other facets, if at all, may be encouraging countries like Iran to stand against United States and U.N. global policy. 

OPEC+ has also shown increasing misalignment with Washington, who are themselves are more-so siding with Russia in energy policy (mostly indicated by a drop in production, against the wishes of the US, thereby favoring Russia’s energy revenues). 

The White House recently said they will use all available tools to disrupt the as-of-late strengthening Russia-Iran relationship. 

1)  https://carnegieendowment.org/2022/10/26/larger-geopolitical-shift-behind-iran-s-drone-sales-to-russia-pub-88268